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I Am Quirkyalone

The world categorises people into two- People and who like relationship and people who don't. I was always the mixture of these two. I am very open to a relationship and I also enjoy being single. Both of these statuses have their own qualities that are just awesome. I am the third kind that is very unpopular and I don't think many people even heard this term. I am a Quirkyalone. Incredibly Quirkyalone Quirkyalone is people who enjoy their single status but are very open to relationships also. People like me don't go dating every now and then or just for the sake of being in a relationship or to show off ourselves as "cool" or catching up with the "trend". We take relationships very seriously, not that others don't but, We look for a partner with whom we can have a longer and a meaningful relationship. Not just that, a break up doesn't put us into a shell of anti-relationship. We are still very positive about relationships. It feels good t
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Life is always Complicated

Life, A journey of different events that occur, pursuing or discovering different hobbies, building new relationships and getting to know more people, Playing favourite sports, hanging out with friends, Dinner with family, those secret meetings with girlfriend/boyfriend, learning how to behave in school to absolutely not applying that in college, and making to ourselves qualified enough to earn money. But is life always the things that I have mentioned above? Is it always positive?  No. Life is complicated and it will be always. Negatives and positives will always be there. It's on us how well we are able to admire and focus on our positives and ignoring the negatives or fixing it. Family and Friends are the Keys Interacting with your family and friends will help you know what are your qualities and what things have a negative impact on your life. You will understand better what is best for you, how good you are at it and how can you improve. But final decision should be yo

I Live in my Own World!

Have you ever dreamed of a world of your own like some kind of a parallel universe where everything happens according to you, Where you are the Boss of the universe? Where things go according to you and you just wish that it was true.? A world of dream and happiness, A world of impossibilities, things that are very less likely to happen or achieve and you don't like being interfered or be dependable on other for a decision or for a plan. I am sure everyone has there own world, the only difference is that some are too involved in there dream while some work to actually achieve the so-called "impossible". It's Totally Fine To Live in Your Own World It is, really. It is okay to be a little weird and live in your own space. It's okay to not care what people think about your dreams or the way you dress or some weird TV show you like. What's not okay is to cut-off form your loved ones. While some of us just want to enjoy our own company we often tend to make

When You Are Messed Up, Just Talk

We in our lives some time or the other go through a really tough situation that makes us feel devastated and we come to a decision that affects not just us but also our loved ones. Why we take these decisions or if I had to be certain why we have to end our life, why stop breathing, why giving up on life at all? I don’t think any reason is enough to quit living and there are always reasons to live. If we look around properly we will always have at least one person with whom we can talk and share our problems. And sometimes we don’t even need a response we just need someone to hear us. If you are angry then another way of feeling better is to hit something(not somebody), something soft like a pillow or the mattress. If you are sad or scared then the best way is to talk. Talk to somebody close to you.  Let all the emotions flow out of your heart. Also, talk to yourself and get those reasons out of your mind of why you should live? For your parents, for friends, for your dream, f

Know When To Get Out!

Everybody at least once in their lives experiences being attached to something or someone willingly or forcefully and the inability of letting it go. It can be because of the job that you may not like but still, you do it or a person in your life who you love but they might not feel the same or it can be bad results even after doing all the hard work. It eats you up, it makes you sad, it feels like not being able to breathe in open air. Nobody understands what you are going through because people look at the environment which seems absolutely fine. But deep inside it's only you who knows how wrong things are. How devastating it can be and how it can affect you mentally. But, also you yourself are the only one who can get yourself out of this situation. Doing so is not easy, it's not at all easy. It takes a lot of courage. At some point or the another, we have to take certain step to throw these kinds of negative out of our lives. Don't be afraid, don't accept it as i

Broken Inside?

If you are reading this post I am sure you are looking for a solution for heartbreak . Now by heartbreak, I don't only mean feeling low because of a break-up, but anything wrong going on in your life that saddens you. A situation like these is very common in everybody's life. We go through pain and heartbreaks many times in our life. It can be because of the failure to perform your job well or it can be losing someone close to us or going through a break-up or failure in clearing your exam and there so many other reasons. Its common and happens to everybody so just take a deep breath and really focus all your energy on things that bring out the positive person inside you. All you need is to figure out what is wrong and what is it that you can do to help yourself. The best way to get your mind to divert is to keep yourself busy. Spend time in doing things that you love. I know this is easy said than done but it's your only way to go. Talk to your parents or friends

Enjoy Being Alone!

Have you ever felt that you enjoy better when you are alone? Ever enjoyed the random thoughts that go through your mind when you are alone while doing absolutely nothing? or watching a movie, listening to music, reading your favorite book or any book, a solo trip, taking yourself to dinner, taking a walk? I have. I am a very introvert person and I really enjoy being all on my own doing things that I love. It's not that I do not enjoy going out with friends and family but the time that  I spend alone is really special. It allows me to explore my own self. I get to know what qualities I have and also my weakness and how I can work on it. One of the thing that I do is talking to myself. I know that sounds stupid but just give it a try if you don't do it. Look into a mirror and start speaking. Speak about anything be it about your day or a movie dialogue or about a person close to you or about yourself. Speaking about yourself is the best one as it lets you know how much you