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Enjoy Being Alone!

Have you ever felt that you enjoy better when you are alone? Ever enjoyed the random thoughts that go through your mind when you are alone while doing absolutely nothing? or watching a movie, listening to music, reading your favorite book or any book, a solo trip, taking yourself to dinner, taking a walk?
I have.

I am a very introvert person and I really enjoy being all on my own doing things that I love. It's not that I do not enjoy going out with friends and family but the time that  I spend alone is really special. It allows me to explore my own self. I get to know what qualities I have and also my weakness and how I can work on it. One of the thing that I do is talking to myself. I know that sounds stupid but just give it a try if you don't do it. Look into a mirror and start speaking. Speak about anything be it about your day or a movie dialogue or about a person close to you or about yourself. Speaking about yourself is the best one as it lets you know how much you actually know yourself. I know you may think that every person knows about themselves which is true but it won't come out in words when you actually have to speak with people. So it's a good exercise to develop a proper introduction which will definitely boost your confidence. Try it. If you can speak to yourself, you can speak to anybody.

Watching a movie without anyone commentating beside you is true fun. Reading a book and going into your own wonderland is simply mesmerizing. If you have ever read a book you know what I am talking about. If you haven't what the hell are you waiting for just read a book. By the way, just so you know I am not a consistent reader. I read less often but it's fun. Reading can make you creative, as you decide how the characters in the book look like. You decide what should the background be or what kind of music should be played or how the character reacts to a certain situation. All up to us.

So, all in all, don't pity yourself, Just be you. Improve yourself with all the time that you spend alone. Read, write, talk to yourself, sing, dance, paint, watch a movie or a TV show. The only thing that you must keep in mind is whatever you do, you keep developing yourself in some of the other ways.



  1. First of all , I am an introvert too but I don't think that's bad for anyone to be. It's just that I like being alone and I can do whatever like. The fact you pointed out- while reading a book our brain automatically makes animation of what we are reading. That's the most amazing part I like while going through the book. It makes us more expressive and thoughtful.
    There are good points in this blog.


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