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I Live in my Own World!

Have you ever dreamed of a world of your own like some kind of a parallel universe where everything happens according to you, Where you are the Boss of the universe? Where things go according to you and you just wish that it was true.? A world of dream and happiness, A world of impossibilities, things that are very less likely to happen or achieve and you don't like being interfered or be dependable on other for a decision or for a plan.
I am sure everyone has there own world, the only difference is that some are too involved in there dream while some work to actually achieve the so-called "impossible".
It's Totally Fine To Live in Your Own World It is, really. It is okay to be a little weird and live in your own space. It's okay to not care what people think about your dreams or the way you dress or some weird TV show you like. What's not okay is to cut-off form your loved ones.
While some of us just want to enjoy our own company we often tend to make this m…